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    African Population Studies / Etude de la Population Africaine

    A bilingual journal [English and French] published twice a year in April and October by the Union for African Population Studies. It publishes dependable and timely information emanating from ...

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    Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    The aims of the journal are to publish high quality clinical nutrition relevant research findings which can build the capacity of clinical nutritionists in the region  and enhance the practice ...

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    Health Services

    BMC Health Services Research

    An open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of health services research, including delivery of care, management of health services, assessment of healthcare needs, ...

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    Infectious Diseases

    BMC Infectious Diseases

    An open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases in humans, as well as related ...

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    Health and Human Rights

    BMC International Health and Human Rights

    An open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in relation to health and disease in developing and transitional countries, as well as all issues relating to the impact of ...

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    Maternal and Child Health, Reproductive Health

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

    BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. The journal welcomes submissions on the biomedical aspects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor, maternal health, ...

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    Reproductive Health

    BMC Women's Health

    An open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of the health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and women, with a particular focus on the physical, mental, and emotional ...

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    General Global Health

    BMJ Global Health

    An online journal from BMJ dedicated to publishing high-quality peer-reviewed content relevant to those involved in global health, including policy makers, funders, researchers, clinicians and frontline healthcare workers. The Journal covers all aspects ...

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    Infectious Diseases

    Clinical Infectious Diseases

    Publishes articles on a variety of subjects of interest to practitioners and researchers. Topics range from clinical descriptions of infections, public health, microbiology, and immunology to the ...

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    General Global Health, Public Health


    An open access journal dedicated to publishing original research advocating change in or illuminating medical practice, and advancing our knowledge in all areas of clinical research and health ...

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    General Global Health

    Global Health Action

    This international peer-reviewed journal is affiliated with the Umeå Centre for Global Health Research (UCGHR) at Umeå University, Sweden. The aim of the journal is to contribute to fuelling a more ...

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    General Global Health

    Global Journal of Health Science

    A peer-reviewed, open access journal. The journal aims to provide a platform for the global research community to share their findings, insights and views about all aspects of health science.Authors ...

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    Digital Health

    Health Research Policy and Systems

    Covers all aspects of the organisation and use of health research – including agenda setting, building health research capacity, and how research as a whole benefits decision makers, practitioners ...

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    Human Resources

    Human Resources for Health

    Covers all aspects concerning the information, planning, production, management and governance of human resources for health - particularly those of international relevance.Human Resources for Health ...

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    Health Research

    Implementation Science

    Publishes research relevant to the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare in clinical, organisational or policy contexts. As well as hosting ...

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    Infectious Diseases

    Infectious Diseases of Poverty

    An open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing topic areas and methods that address essential public health questions relating to infectious diseases of poverty. These include various aspects of ...

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    Epidemiology, General Global Health, Public Health

    International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health

    The International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health (IJCMPH) publishes articles of authors from India and abroad with special emphasis on original research findings that are relevant ...

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    Reproductive Health, Women's Health

    International Journal of Women's Health

    An international, peer-reviewed, online journal, publishing original research, reports, editorials, reviews and commentaries on all aspects of women's healthcare including gynecology, obstetrics, and ...

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    Maternal and Child Health

    Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

    Provides a link between theory and practice in the field. Papers report key results of clinical and community research, and considerations of programme development. More general descriptive pieces ...

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    General Global Health

    Lancet Global Health

    Publishes high-quality original research, commentary, correspondence, and blogs on a subscription-free (open access) basis. All health-related subjects are considered: our focus is on disadvantaged ...

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    General Global Health

    PLOS Medicine

    Publishes articles relevant to clinicians, policymakers, and researchers across a range of settings that address the major biological, environmental, social, and political determinants of health. The ...

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    Infectious Diseases

    PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

    Publishes research devoted to the pathology, epidemiology, prevention, treatment and control of the neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), as well as public policy relevant to this group of diseases.  A major goal is to promote and profile the efforts of ...

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    General Global Health


    The world’s first multidisciplinary Open Access journal, PLOS ONE accepts scientifically rigorous research, regardless of novelty. PLOS ONE’s broad scope provides a platform to publish primary ...

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    Infectious Diseases

    PLOS Pathogens

    Bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions and viruses cause a plethora of diseases that have important medical, agricultural, and economic consequences. Moreover, the study of microbes continues to provide novel insights into such fundamental processes as the ...

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    Reproductive Health

    Reproductive Health Matters

    A peer-reviewed, international journal that explores emerging, neglected and marginalised issues across the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It aims to publish original, ...