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    Posted on: July 25, 2017 - Health Management, Health Research

    Evaluation and Program Planning

    Provides articles based on the principle that the techniques and methods of evaluation and planning transcend the boundaries of specific fields and that relevant contributions to these areas come ...

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    Posted on: May 17, 2017 - Health Management

    International Journal of Health Planning and Management

    The aim of the journal is to offer a forum for publications which direct attention to major issues in health policy, planning and management. The intention is to maintain a balance between theory and ...

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    Posted on: May 17, 2017 - Health Management, Health Policy

    International Journal of Health Policy and Management

    A peer-reviewed journal which serves as an international and interdisciplinary setting for the dissemination of health policy and management research. It brings together individual specialties from different fields, notably health management/policy/econom ...

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    Posted on: July 31, 2017 - Health Management

    International Public Management Journal

    Publishes high-quality empirical and theoretical work on managing large organizations, particularly public organizations. IPMJ features work from scholars around the world who conduct research in the ...

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    Posted on: May 24, 2017 - Health Management

    Journal of Public Health Management & Practice

    Publishes articles which focus on evidence based public health practice and research.  The journal publishes in a wide range of population health topics including research to practice; emergency ...